Placebos Happiness Gum:  The gum that makes you happy!

Placebos Happiness Gum: The gum that makes you happy!


It's not about the mints or the gum. It's the idea behind it. The power of the placebo effect is real. Use the power of your intention and your belief to relieve yourself of various social emotional issues (mints) or to give yourself the qualities you want (gum).


Inside each package, like a fortune cookie, is a slip of paper that explains the placebo effect and gives "dosage instructions" on one side and powerful, truly helpful advice on the other side.


Here's a snippet from our advice for Happiness: "Happiness is not a destination. It's not something you finally arrive at or achieve. 'Happily ever after is a myth.' Rather, happiness comes in moments. You can cultivate more happiness by being more aware of the present, breathing deeply and noticing anything you can be grateful for. So chew this gum, and while the flavor is strong on your tongue, think of all the things you can be grateful for. Be specific. For example..."


Placebos are made in the USA.

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